Grounds Maintenance

Our Grounds Maintenance teams have many years experience and deal with large and small companies, maintaining their sites to a high standard. Maintenance, whether it is grass cutting, weed control, pruning or hedge cutting, will be carried out using good horticultural practices. Our specialist equipment can cover large areas, thus being very cost effective.Greenslades believe in customer satisfaction and with this in mind, our dedicated management team will liaise closely with you and regularly carry out site inspections in order to monitor our performance standards. We have been in the Grounds Maintenance business for many years and can supply you with excellent references if required.

Watering newly planted areas

Watering, believe it or not is a very highly skilled job. Many plants can be destroyed by either too much or too little water. Whether it’s watering newly planted areas or watering established areas during dry spells, we have all the equipment to carry out these tasks. Our mobile watering units will arrive on your site and check your plants’ needs and water where necessary.


Greenslades Grounds Maintenance
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